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If you are interested in any of these sessions please fill out the contact form with your name, email, message, and the service you are interested in. For in-home services, we require a Facetime/Skype conversation between the client and practitioner at the time of booking to ensure safety to both parties. Thank you!

In-Home Reiki Session for Humans

90min for $120

+$1/mile of travel

This session can be provided in the comfort of your own home. There will need to be a space in your home big enough to set up a standard massage-size table with room for the practitioner to move along any side. This one-on-one Reiki healing session includes an emailed intake form for the client to fill out and send back within the same week of the scheduled session. This session is perfect for anyone who is moving through a transition in life and is open and ready for deeper spiritual connection, growth, relaxation and inner balance. The session will begin with a brief conversation addressing what the client is currently experiencing in their life and what they are seeking from the session, plus any additional comments, questions and concerns. The client can expect a safe and inviting space for healing and relaxation to occur. Reiki sessions are done with the individual fully clothed, lying on the table. For this particular session the practitioner may use a mix of Reiki and Crystal Healing techniques, customized to aid in overall client well-being. After the Reiki Healing, there will be time to discuss and coach through anything that may have come up during the session.

In-Home Reiki Session for Pets

Cost: $1/minute                                     Session Length: up to 45 minutes

*+$1/mile of travel time

Reiki is a gentle non-invasive approach to your pet’s well-being. This session is offered in the comfort of your animal’s home. This session is directed by the animal. This is perfect for older pets, pets with anxiety and nervousness, and pets who are preparing for surgery or who are recovering from surgery or illness, to assist in the healing process. Reiki offers deep relaxation for the animal so that healing may occur. The practitioner will connect to your animal’s energy and assess what the needs are for you animal. This could mean hands-on healing or sending Reiki from a distance while still in the same home as the animal. Each animal responds differently and you will only be charged for the amount of time that the animal is wanting/willing to receive the Reiki energy. If your animal is not wanting Reiki at the time of appointment, you will only be charged for the distance traveled. 

Distance Reiki Session for Human or Animal

Cost: $85                                     Session Length: 60 minutes

Cost: $45                                     Session Length: 30 minutes

Cost: $25                                     Session length: 15 minutes

This session is designed for those who wish to receive Reiki for themselves or their animal without having to worry about creating time in their busy schedule. This distance Reiki Healing session includes an emailed intake form for the client to fill out at the time of payment. Reiki is energy, and energy is not limited to the constructs of space and time, therefore this technique can be just as effective as an in-person Reiki session. This session will be followed up by an email from the practitioner with any insights or messages that came through from your session and an invitation for an open dialogue over email to discuss whatever may have come up for the client. This session can be expected to be fulfilled within seven days after payment is received.

Intuivie Guidance Reading ~ (Recorded Video or Written in an Email)

Cost: $20                                    Session Length: one question

Cost: $55                                    Session Length: 30 minutes

This session is for anyone who is spiritually open-minded, willing and ready to receive divine guidance and is looking for messages to help with spiritual and personal growth during times of uncertainty or transition. This Intuitive Guidance Reading includes an intake form for the client to fill out at the time of payment. The client can choose whether they would like their reading written in an email or recorded as a video and sent to them. This session comes with an invitation to have an open email dialogue with the practitioner about whatever may have come up for the client after receiving the reading.

In-Person Intuitive Guidance Coaching

Cost: $100                                    Session Length: 60 minutes

This session is for individuals who are experiencing transition and change in their lives, and are looking for guidance and insight from their higher self and spirit guides. This assists in personal and spiritual connection, and helps with receiving clarity, hope and validation in times of uncertainty. This Intuitive Guidance Coaching session includes an intake form for the client to fill out at the time of booking and payment. This session can be in-person at a coffee shop or out in nature. The client can expect this session to be a mixture of card reading, intuitive messages and life-coaching techniques to guide them into their own awareness and understanding. The session is designed to help the client feel safe, supported and heard as we reach deeper into his or her individual needs and hungers. 

In-person Intuitive Guidance Coaching Package

Cost: $275                                     Session Length: Three 60 minute weekly sessions

This package is for those who are committed to their own personal and spiritual growth. This is for anyone who is experiencing transition and change in their life and is seeking guidance, clarity, hope and, ultimately, a closer relationship with themself. This is designed so that by the end of the three sessions, the client will have a better understanding of themselves and their life path along with a plan and the tools needed to continue their own healing and self-discovery journey.